Pa pa pa poker face

In job interviews, one has got to work on a poker face
Showing hesitation or scepticism could easily lead to disgrace.
Casino Royale and the improbable ending game won’t be of assistance
But Rounders might give me reliable help, for instance.
I could crash a poker game of Chuck, Friends, Men in Trees or How I met
Although I’m not sure I want to owe any of them the loss of a bad bet.
I learned from Neal Caffrey the key to be the perfect poker player:
Don’t try to hide a reaction, use it to another subject matter.
This means thinking fast, like a con artist stay calms and reacts,
Finding a reason why we’d hesitate in the middle of signing contracts.
A game often played in business
And that’s what they do in the US.



Do you also feel Sherlock Holmes is everywhere?
Sneaking into every channel, movie theatre, comic-con and geeky fare,
The hat detective certainly made his way into modern period.
Ok, it’s just finished and I already dream of BBC’s Sherlock next episode
I admit I wouldn’t turn my nose on Jude Law and Robert Downey Jr.
If they decided to come again to the big screen into London’s foggy décor.
I am wildly curious about Lucy Liu’s Dr Watson in Elementary
It’s true I’ve seen House MD again and C. Doyle touch there isn’t subsidiary.
But that’s where I’m startled and might need deduction to be enlightened
Why such a success, excitement and how is it still cause of such a stipend?
Quite a mystery, one that could make a case, I guess
Maybe telling how to solve it would make a good TV show in the US.

Ice cream in theaters

Just to set a precedent, let’s align with a timely subject.
Not politics, trivialities or smashy event, I’ll stay proper and correct.
The weather, amiable friend of polite conversations, will today honor us
With its presence in its coldest form; Applause, it surely deserves a fuss.
I discovered on-screen snow as a teenager with the Barber of Siberia
But really got cold with Ed Harris  in The Way Back drama.
ER certainly had a taste of Chicago’s freezy winds
and I’d be surprised if it wasn’t mentioned by their Seattle cousins.
Alaska didn’t seem so bad in Men in trees
While New in Town certainly gave Renee Zellweger a freeze.
Anyway, living between the Alpes and Jura montains looks like a dullness
Compared to what they seem to endure in North US.

The B*#-µ is back

You will always find, even in the most Snow-whity surroundings,
A pure B-censured-word character. Let me, hereby, share my findings:
Once upon a time, the TV show not the saying, sweetened the Evil queen
But not without giving us another b-, a bit younger but certainly as mean.
For once in Walter Mitty I didn’t want to punch Sean Penn  in the face
But the young transition manager wasn’t lacking male b**chness.
I don’t know if it’s to increase contrast with the nice and glorious
Or because we enjoy Bιζςhγ snaps and witty malicious,
But you will find most of the time a bee-high-sea-tea-age on new shows
Making viewers smile and character miserable as cows.
There are only so many ways to not say bitch for politeness,
If I could, I would have used a “bip”, as seen on TV in the US.