The @JimmyFallon #Hashtag project

So here it is, June 18.

As you may know, this blog is about my love of the USA or, should I say, my love for how the USA look like in movies and TV shows (since I only can discover it from there, I’m in France). Well, recently I also started watching american shows such as Jay Leno, Jimmy Kimmel and, my personal favorite, The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

“Hey, you guys are on Twitter, right?”

I thought of a challenge, as a perfect way to immerse myself in the US culture, I would take on all the past Late night/tonight #hashtags propositions Jimmy Fallon made (well the ones I found online anyway) and participate. I know I’m turning in my paper a bit late but it’s the late show so, you know, I thought it’d be fine… (please don’t give me an F, sir).

I’ll post them on Twitter and then add them to this post when they are all online.



Something Stupid’

Because I don’t like to keep this blog static
But can’t really keep going with these rhymes forever
(By the way, it’s a shame they cancelled the show Forever)
I thought I’d combine it with an idea I found fantastic.

The thing is, you’ll probably consider it stupid,
With no originality, flare or no humour.
I hope you’ll condone this choice so poor
Or ride with me on the train of all things stupid!

The later will have to look out on June 18.
The former will have to run to the canteen
And this way have an all found excuse
For not reading what they may consider an abuse.

Until then because I’m still about TV and movies in the US
Here is a preview of Forever, a show I’ll miss, I confess:

Oh boy!

Being someone else seems to be in a lot of people’s dreams.
But being another self might not be as cool as it seems.
Fortunately, TV and movies are here to show us
We might not want to take somebody’s place, except maybe on the bus.
13 going 30 went forward
While 17 again tried to go backward.
Both 1976 and 2003 Freaky friday‘s take,
Along with Like father like son, went through the family swap mistake.
Monica and Rachel trying it in the Friends E.R. crossover
And a more recent Baby Daddy tryout to switch Ben with Tucker,
All show that doing it volontarily often ends in looking like a creep.
One that certainly knows the most about it is the hero of Quantum Leap
He went through dozens of bodies and would firmly profess:
“do not try this at home” or anywhere you are, in or out the US.

Sunday’s Review 28: 12 years a slave

Chiwetel Ejiofor

I know it’s not really Sunday, but I thought relevant to wait on the Oscars’ results before I said anything. 12 years a slave was nominated for 9 Oscars and ended up with 3: Best performance by an actress in a supporting role for Lupita Nyong’o, Best Writing, adapted Screenplay and… Best motion Picture of the year. It the latter I’m going to comment, the first two being rightly awarded, in my opinion.

For those who have no idea what this movie is about, it’s an adaptation of an autobiography of Solomon Northup who is telling us about his 12 years of slavery. His situation of free man, abducted to be sold as a slave, wanting justice but wondering why he deserves freedom more than those who were born slaves is interesting. But that’s not what the movie is about (if we don’t count the 10 last minutes). It’s about a man being a slave. For twelve years. This film is well made, beautiful enough, on a rough and emotional matter, with quite convincing actors (all of them, in fact) but that is it. There is no originality in the adaptation, no new creativity in the directing, no new concept in the photography, nothing special really.

One couldn’t say that it’s a bad movie but I would have expected less enthusiasm for a motion picture that has nothing particular to bring to the table. I feel Steve McQueen (the one of Shame and Hunger, not this one) – who, by the way, knows how to put Michael Fassbender at his best, or worst, depending if you are talking about his acting or the characters he is portraying – played clever but hadn’t really a winning hand. But what do I know, I am not the Oscar Academy! The only thing I have the legitimacy to say is that I was disappointed. I am afraid the movie got rave reviews because it was the politically correct thing to do, even if it still deserves quite good reviews.

It’s a bore!

I’m no super job seeker hero and, on occasion,
I get bored and look away for distraction.
So let’s see what my favorite movie, tv characters do
Whenever they have nothing, no one and nowhere to go to.
Friends throw a ball around for more than an hour
While Happy Endings Max looks for anything to devour.
Neal Caffrey and Charles Bonnet paint fake masterpieces
While Phoebe looks desperately for celery species
But the main activity that seems to get people out of boredom,
That I’ve seen in Chuck, Dirty Dancing, Samantha who? and then some,
Illustrates nicely that bored games often end up as board games.
Puzzles and cards also served Gigi well, even if it was not in the US.

Dial AC for All Cinema

Everybody turns to their closest expert for advise:
Got a scratch? calling your doctor friend is wise,
Although this doesn’t apply if his name is Gregory House.
There is some fixing needed in your house?
Hart of Dixie‘s Wade or Gilmore Girl‘s Luke will do the trick
But with Jason Statham you’re not sure to get back more than one brick.
Find yourself in a life or death situation?
If Die Hard‘s John McClane is already on a mission,
White House Down‘s John Cale is the next best thing.
Want to find the perfect ring?
Ross Geller has his share of proposals but Bilbo is the person to address.
And for all Cinema or TV topics, go to me, AC, as long as it regards the US!

Pa pa pa poker face

In job interviews, one has got to work on a poker face
Showing hesitation or scepticism could easily lead to disgrace.
Casino Royale and the improbable ending game won’t be of assistance
But Rounders might give me reliable help, for instance.
I could crash a poker game of Chuck, Friends, Men in Trees or How I met
Although I’m not sure I want to owe any of them the loss of a bad bet.
I learned from Neal Caffrey the key to be the perfect poker player:
Don’t try to hide a reaction, use it to another subject matter.
This means thinking fast, like a con artist stay calms and reacts,
Finding a reason why we’d hesitate in the middle of signing contracts.
A game often played in business
And that’s what they do in the US.


Do you also feel Sherlock Holmes is everywhere?
Sneaking into every channel, movie theatre, comic-con and geeky fare,
The hat detective certainly made his way into modern period.
Ok, it’s just finished and I already dream of BBC’s Sherlock next episode
I admit I wouldn’t turn my nose on Jude Law and Robert Downey Jr.
If they decided to come again to the big screen into London’s foggy décor.
I am wildly curious about Lucy Liu’s Dr Watson in Elementary
It’s true I’ve seen House MD again and C. Doyle touch there isn’t subsidiary.
But that’s where I’m startled and might need deduction to be enlightened
Why such a success, excitement and how is it still cause of such a stipend?
Quite a mystery, one that could make a case, I guess
Maybe telling how to solve it would make a good TV show in the US.

Ice cream in theaters

Just to set a precedent, let’s align with a timely subject.
Not politics, trivialities or smashy event, I’ll stay proper and correct.
The weather, amiable friend of polite conversations, will today honor us
With its presence in its coldest form; Applause, it surely deserves a fuss.
I discovered on-screen snow as a teenager with the Barber of Siberia
But really got cold with Ed Harris  in The Way Back drama.
ER certainly had a taste of Chicago’s freezy winds
and I’d be surprised if it wasn’t mentioned by their Seattle cousins.
Alaska didn’t seem so bad in Men in trees
While New in Town certainly gave Renee Zellweger a freeze.
Anyway, living between the Alpes and Jura montains looks like a dullness
Compared to what they seem to endure in North US.

The B*#-µ is back

You will always find, even in the most Snow-whity surroundings,
A pure B-censured-word character. Let me, hereby, share my findings:
Once upon a time, the TV show not the saying, sweetened the Evil queen
But not without giving us another b-, a bit younger but certainly as mean.
For once in Walter Mitty I didn’t want to punch Sean Penn  in the face
But the young transition manager wasn’t lacking male b**chness.
I don’t know if it’s to increase contrast with the nice and glorious
Or because we enjoy Bιζςhγ snaps and witty malicious,
But you will find most of the time a bee-high-sea-tea-age on new shows
Making viewers smile and character miserable as cows.
There are only so many ways to not say bitch for politeness,
If I could, I would have used a “bip”, as seen on TV in the US.