Countryside continuum

I have a theory about any little American countryside town:

Being apart from the  big cities, with a rhythm of their own,

They develop a parallel space and time continuum.

Making a new sort of people not to be mixed with those in an asylum,

Gilmore Girl‘s Starshollow or Hart of Dixie‘s Bluebell

Move at a different path made of parades, and great subjects for a novel.

You can go and tell me that Twin Peaks actually took place 2 decades ago

But even then, you didn’t usually see log ladies in NYC or San Fransisco.

Trouble with the curve showed country dances are in every US county

And Bliss would certainly not have had this kind of wit in a big city.

Now I absolutely have to go there experience my theory because I guess

I would also love that kind of life in the US.