Do you also feel Sherlock Holmes is everywhere?
Sneaking into every channel, movie theatre, comic-con and geeky fare,
The hat detective certainly made his way into modern period.
Ok, it’s just finished and I already dream of BBC’s Sherlock next episode
I admit I wouldn’t turn my nose on Jude Law and Robert Downey Jr.
If they decided to come again to the big screen into London’s foggy décor.
I am wildly curious about Lucy Liu’s Dr Watson in Elementary
It’s true I’ve seen House MD again and C. Doyle touch there isn’t subsidiary.
But that’s where I’m startled and might need deduction to be enlightened
Why such a success, excitement and how is it still cause of such a stipend?
Quite a mystery, one that could make a case, I guess
Maybe telling how to solve it would make a good TV show in the US.


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