Science smooch

Women and technology are not famously getting along.

A girl likes to use it but in general she takes it as it goes along.

Go to a computer science class and count on your finger tips

You’ll not find much people with high heels and curvy hips.

It’s been an issue to resolve to promote gender equity

In science labs and any high tech company.

Of course the reference here to get a solution,

Is The Big Bang Theory, our faithful geek companion.

They addressed the problem counting on their sociability and looks,

Leaving here computer, molecules, microchips and comic books.

They went to the times you still dream being a doctor or a princess,

Just hit “play” you’ll find out how they convinced every girl in the US.


Baby you can drive my car

Recently I went into a garage to actually look for a car.
As I don’t drive, it’s something I had never done so far.
But walking out of the shinny full of cars place
I only could say “what a cliché! This guy had such a cars salesman face!”
I got the idea from a CSI case, where one is killed for a bonus
But also from Nicolas Cage in Family Man, selling tires like he would a Lotus.
It always seemed to be like that since I found the same model in “My one and only”
Where a 13 years old boy buys a car in the exact same store I saw in each movie.
Even the Mattress King on Friends looked the same when Monica got a car-bed!
Maybe there is a car business school where you learn how to smile, dress and nod your head.
A school where some would be born to succeed, just in the video below is a car goddess.
I went to another garage in France but apparently these clichés are only true in the US!