Ice cream in theaters

Just to set a precedent, let’s align with a timely subject.
Not politics, trivialities or smashy event, I’ll stay proper and correct.
The weather, amiable friend of polite conversations, will today honor us
With its presence in its coldest form; Applause, it surely deserves a fuss.
I discovered on-screen snow as a teenager with the Barber of Siberia
But really got cold with Ed Harris  in The Way Back drama.
ER certainly had a taste of Chicago’s freezy winds
and I’d be surprised if it wasn’t mentioned by their Seattle cousins.
Alaska didn’t seem so bad in Men in trees
While New in Town certainly gave Renee Zellweger a freeze.
Anyway, living between the Alpes and Jura montains looks like a dullness
Compared to what they seem to endure in North US.


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