The @JimmyFallon #Hashtag project

So here it is, June 18.

As you may know, this blog is about my love of the USA or, should I say, my love for how the USA look like in movies and TV shows (since I only can discover it from there, I’m in France). Well, recently I also started watching american shows such as Jay Leno, Jimmy Kimmel and, my personal favorite, The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

“Hey, you guys are on Twitter, right?”

I thought of a challenge, as a perfect way to immerse myself in the US culture, I would take on all the past Late night/tonight #hashtags propositions Jimmy Fallon made (well the ones I found online anyway) and participate. I know I’m turning in my paper a bit late but it’s the late show so, you know, I thought it’d be fine… (please don’t give me an F, sir).

I’ll post them on Twitter and then add them to this post when they are all online.



Something Stupid’

Because I don’t like to keep this blog static
But can’t really keep going with these rhymes forever
(By the way, it’s a shame they cancelled the show Forever)
I thought I’d combine it with an idea I found fantastic.

The thing is, you’ll probably consider it stupid,
With no originality, flare or no humour.
I hope you’ll condone this choice so poor
Or ride with me on the train of all things stupid!

The later will have to look out on June 18.
The former will have to run to the canteen
And this way have an all found excuse
For not reading what they may consider an abuse.

Until then because I’m still about TV and movies in the US
Here is a preview of Forever, a show I’ll miss, I confess: