It’s a bore!

I’m no super job seeker hero and, on occasion,
I get bored and look away for distraction.
So let’s see what my favorite movie, tv characters do
Whenever they have nothing, no one and nowhere to go to.
Friends throw a ball around for more than an hour
While Happy Endings Max looks for anything to devour.
Neal Caffrey and Charles Bonnet paint fake masterpieces
While Phoebe looks desperately for celery species
But the main activity that seems to get people out of boredom,
That I’ve seen in Chuck, Dirty Dancing, Samantha who? and then some,
Illustrates nicely that bored games often end up as board games.
Puzzles and cards also served Gigi well, even if it was not in the US.


Dial AC for All Cinema

Everybody turns to their closest expert for advise:
Got a scratch? calling your doctor friend is wise,
Although this doesn’t apply if his name is Gregory House.
There is some fixing needed in your house?
Hart of Dixie‘s Wade or Gilmore Girl‘s Luke will do the trick
But with Jason Statham you’re not sure to get back more than one brick.
Find yourself in a life or death situation?
If Die Hard‘s John McClane is already on a mission,
White House Down‘s John Cale is the next best thing.
Want to find the perfect ring?
Ross Geller has his share of proposals but Bilbo is the person to address.
And for all Cinema or TV topics, go to me, AC, as long as it regards the US!