Oh boy!

Being someone else seems to be in a lot of people’s dreams.
But being another self might not be as cool as it seems.
Fortunately, TV and movies are here to show us
We might not want to take somebody’s place, except maybe on the bus.
13 going 30 went forward
While 17 again tried to go backward.
Both 1976 and 2003 Freaky friday‘s take,
Along with Like father like son, went through the family swap mistake.
Monica and Rachel trying it in the Friends E.R. crossover
And a more recent Baby Daddy tryout to switch Ben with Tucker,
All show that doing it volontarily often ends in looking like a creep.
One that certainly knows the most about it is the hero of Quantum Leap
He went through dozens of bodies and would firmly profess:
“do not try this at home” or anywhere you are, in or out the US.


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