Baby you can drive my car

Recently I went into a garage to actually look for a car.
As I don’t drive, it’s something I had never done so far.
But walking out of the shinny full of cars place
I only could say “what a cliché! This guy had such a cars salesman face!”
I got the idea from a CSI case, where one is killed for a bonus
But also from Nicolas Cage in Family Man, selling tires like he would a Lotus.
It always seemed to be like that since I found the same model in “My one and only”
Where a 13 years old boy buys a car in the exact same store I saw in each movie.
Even the Mattress King on Friends looked the same when Monica got a car-bed!
Maybe there is a car business school where you learn how to smile, dress and nod your head.
A school where some would be born to succeed, just in the video below is a car goddess.
I went to another garage in France but apparently these clichés are only true in the US!


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