Bonjour, bonjour, l’amour, Paris !

Today, I had a professional meeting about french cinema

And how people are interested in it overseas or just outside our area.

Well, Love and other disasters said we are the only one to do films showing the plain truth.

In 500 days of summer, a french movie has to be an obscure sad film or a sleuth.

Chuck, Vanilla Sky, Dawson Creek, The Emperor’s Club and Mad Men referred to Breathless

But that’s a fifty years old movie, so what are they saying about our recent movies success?

First, they are doing their own L.O.L., Dîner de cons and l’Arnacoeur,

That’s not the best selection but let’s hope they make them has good or, for some, better.

Then, they apparently appreciated our Artist which shows only good sense.

Finally, they really enjoy french clichés, almost each time, nice or full of romance.

So, it seems they kind of like us even though I’m not sure they really see us in our true face

But who hasn’t a strong opinion about something they don’t really know in the US?


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