Happy finding a present for your mother’s day

Tomorrow is my mother’s 50th birthday and even though I’m not going to be present,

I’ve been turning my mind upside down to find a proper present.

I could still go and try singing Alice’s merry unbirthday to me and see how it goes

Or argue that I clearly remember her birthday was last year as mother Gothel does.

I have no time to build her Kirsten Dunst genius road trip map from Elizabethtown

I guess I will have to find an idea of my own.

If I don’t want to make her feel like Rachel Green on her thirtieth,

I’d better find an idea as good as Sheldon’s way to get Amy’s forgiveness.

As she may be reading this I won’t go and tell you what it is going to be.

You might think this is only a way to hide the fact that I have no idea

And you might not be wrong but that is something I would never confess.

Now let me end up with this mystery, as anyone would do in the US.


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