Back to school

Starting a new year usually starts with going back:

Back to school, back to work, back on track.

I’m not going to be gleeclubing you with a pre-school pep talk,

Mostly because you certainly already went back to the old blackboard and chalk.

Robin Williams would certainly make you stand up on your desk for some reason

And Cameron Diaz, if she hasn’t put you in front of a bad movie, would be on the phone,

But I’m more of a Ed Harris’ That’s what I am and I’d make you talk about you;

I’d use a reference that I heard of in US movies and TV shows, yes, that’s what I do.

Someone like Truman Capote, Henry James or J. D. Salinger: quotation that sparks.

People I can name thanks to Save the Last Dance, Notting Hill and Ruby Sparks,

But I already annoyed you with the use of big and little screens for a knowledge-base

Last year. But isn’t repeating all over again what going back is all about, even in the US?




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