Sunday’s Review 25: The King’s Speech



In these days of uploading, VOD, hard drives and USB cards, I rarely spend 25 Euros on a DVD, mostly because I rarely own 25 Euros… Nevertheless, I didn’t hesitate one bit for the greatly and rightfully acclaimed King’s speech. I would maybe not have given it the Oscar for “best scenario” or “best director” knowing that movies like Inception were racing and directors like David Fincher or the Coen Brothers were nominated. Anyway, it’s a good movie in lots of ways and it’s pleasant to be able to show it to friends when they come along.

First, for once, Helena Bonham Carter is not a crazy pale cruel lady and she ends up great in her role. Maybe she was helped by the stunning performances of Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush. I must say I had a real hard time believing that this man was the same who played Captain Barbossa in Pirates of the Caribbean.

Then, it’s a nice story and it has the advantage to be true. Some might get tired of the “inspired from true events” movies, feeling that it’s only a vague attempt to get some attention but I think when a compelling and nice story happens to be historically true, it shows that not only our imaginations can do nice and compelling. It’s nice to remember it sometimes.

Finally, I know that it feels like directors of the photography have found some kind of magic recipe to make the pictures look good every time but, here too, the photography is quite good. Is it about the lights, the colors or the atmosphere? I couldn’t tell.

If you are French, I greatly recommend you to watch it in original version, the talking being a huge part of the movie. If you never saw it, I greatly advise you do. If you don’t know how to get it, I’d be greatly happy to lend it to you or, better yet, see it with you.




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