Here I go again

I looked up my old posts to see if I already talked about psychoanalysts

And, sadly, I did. I forgot a lot and wish I could have  a new without the one that preexists.

If I’d known better I would have waited and have mentioned as well

Crazy Tracy from Ally McBeal’s first seasons, we can’t really say she’s swell!

And I’m not even going to mention the other Psychoanalysts we see in the show,

Be it the Bruce Willis special appearance and this other one who lasts until Ally brakes her toe.

There also was this movie about therapists’ patients in NYC deciding to analyze on their own

While every psychoanalyst has left the city for holidays like anyone could be analyzed alone.

Anyway what I mean is that psychoanalyst is one of the jobs it’s easy to talk about

Even when you don’t know anything about it, it’s so mysterious nobody would have a doubt:

It has to exist this way somewhere or somehow. I must say it’s something I bless.

I like that legends like this can exist, everybody loves fantasy in the US.



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