Sunday’s Review 24: What to expect when you’re expecting


I’m French, I’ve never been pregnant, nonetheless, for me, the ultimate reference for pregnancies is the book “What to expect when you’re expecting”. How come? Years and years of American movies and series watching did the trick. As any good reference, Hollywood took it and made a movie with it and, I must say, I was smitten.

Evidently, this movie is addressed to a particular audience. It aimed it, analyzed it, and served to it the proper content: perfect efficiency! It’s a product well sold. Let me elaborate: A movie centered on pregnancy and different ways to tackle it was not going to be an action movie, a brain film or an artistic realization. Of course it was going to be about feelings, day to day life, relationships and family. In a nutshell, it was going to enter the under-rated category “girly movie” and it did!

The funniest part was with how much confidence it entered into that category: starting with a dance scene, not forgetting the Dirty Dancing reference, having has much good looking guys as possible (Special thanks to the casting staff for Rodrigo Santoro…), they did it all!

I don’t think it isn’t necessary for me to tell you about the funny parts, the nice soundtrack maybe the lack of deepness… You got it, don’t you? It’s a nice movie for a rainy Sunday afternoon. If you’re an addict to this kind of film you will probably, as I did, fall for it, laugh loud, shed a tear, smile a lot and sigh of satisfaction in the end. If you are just a normal human being, you’ll probably have a good time, not admit it, and say in the end with a smile “it’s still a bit silly”.


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