“I had a speech…”

I had a speech all prepared for you today

I was going to talk about society cliché

On the subject that we, young people, don’t know anything anymore,

Lost every education that mattered and maybe more.

All this ignorance supposedly caused entirely by internet, movies and television.

I was going to say that without all that, first, I wouldn’t be able to have this conversation.

I learned a large part of my English thanks to those brain-sucker evils.

Then, I was going to ask if they thought I would know why Jack and Jill went up on hills,

About Wilson’s disease or about Massachusetts concerns in sexual harassment laws,

If I didn’t spend so much time on those horrible mind-crushers making us cows.

But there was no point saying all this here, for the very one who live all day wireless.

But I had to have my one useless speech, everyone does at least one in the US.



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