Sunday’s Review 22: How to steal a million



Quirky and cute. Never mind the light plot and uncanny turns of events, Peter O’Toole astonishing blue eyes and Audrey Hepburn’s yogurt-sized red car do the trick: a good time in front of the big screen. I know we might want more from a movie but really, do we?

I haven’t been blown away but I laughed, I haven’t felt my heart torn in pieces with emotions but I was moved, I haven’t hold my breath on behalf of the suspense but I smiled at the funny stratagems. Does it have to be huge to get a 5 stars review? Maybe How to steal a million is kind of a St Ex’s Little Prince for cinema; perhaps with a little less wisdom.

Anyway, How to steal a million is a delightful Audrey Hepburn’s movie where her beauty and charms go perfectly along with Peter O’toole’s own beauty and charms. The burlesque French guards and witty Hugh Griffith (Hepburn’s dad in the film) add on to the pretty picture.

If you wonder what it’s about well it’s about a millionaire conman’s daughter who decides to steal a Venus statue from a museum when the very statue belongs to her. To do so, she asks the help of who she thinks is a gentleman burglar but who is really a detective specialized in art forgeries. He accepts for obvious reasons (Audrey Hepburn’s wide eyes and pretty figure) and thus begins a crazy heist for a supposedly one million worth art piece.

I’d like to state for the record that I do not like Every Movie. It’s just that I like to talk about the ones I did and, I admit, am able to have a really good time in front of not so brilliant movies. Anyway, for this one, you can go without fear, you’ll have a good time as well. If you don’t, I commit to find another movie that you will actually enjoy.



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