Lesson number one

Girly movies are often referred to as silly and filled with meaningless feelings.

I enjoy silliness and feelings and, thusly, I partly agree with those sayings.

However, I find mushy movies are also the source of all kinds of knowledge.

I’m not saying they are science so don’t get right on the edge.

For example, my general knowledge about religious events got better thanks to it.

For priests and rabbis, I turned to Keeping the Faith and I learned a bit.

I knew more about christenings thanks to The Importance of being earnest.

Then I saw 4 weddings and a funeral and, well, from this I took out the best.

My big fat Greek Wedding and Fiddler on the roof widened my cultural perspectives.

I wish someone unwilling to watch a corny movie would think of that before (s)he leaves.

Ok, that’s a very low argument but, sometimes, the best ones turn out to work less.

Look at Apple, their only argument is design and everybody has one in the US.



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