Crouch, touch, pause, engage!

I’m not really into sports but as anybody feigning to want to get into it.

I first leant into team sports: Invictus for Rugby and for soccer Bend it like Beckham did it.

As it seemed so much better for guys, I looked into Basketball with Switched at birth.

But seeing the competition, I realized I’m not done for this team curse.

For a one (wo)man job sport, Bagger Vance interested me in Golf but let’s face it,

It’s a luxurious sport. I could be a luxurious person but my wallet disagrees a bit.

Watching Wimbledon I got into tennis but I Haven’t got Kirsten Dunst looks.

Really, sport might not be my thing at all; maybe I should get back to my books.

As a last resort, I watched Chariots of fire again hoping to fall for running

But unfortunately, my untrained lungs dread the beginning.

To put it in a nutshell, I’m left with a few extra pounds that ice-cream can access.

But how would I not eat ice-cream, everybody has some in the US.




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