The less you’ve got it, the more you spread it

As series and cinema geek, I often get the “don’t you have anything better to do” speech

But what people do not realize is that movies and TV shows got a lot to teach.

I’m not even referring to clever movies like Tree of Life, Departures or La Chinoise.

I would never have heard about Mencken’s Chrestomathies without Gilmore Girls,

I googled Julius and Ethel Rosenberg to know more about them after I saw You’ve got mail,

And I wouldn’t know how to cook mushrooms properly without Julie&Julia important detail.

I read Henry James after Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts’ Notting Hill romance

And I want to read Truman Capote ever since they talked about it in Save the last dance.

I learned about a Picasso portrait with Owen Wilson in Midnight in Paris

And thanks to Kate & Leopold, I know about the elevator brand: Otis.

I could go for hours but I think you got my point: watching a screen is never useless.

This way I built myself a little general knowledge batch, everybody has one in the US.



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