Sunday’s Review 19: Lucky number Slevin


A film where a random guy gets caught in mafia debts troubles, we’ve seen a million times. A film where Bruce Willis is the mysterious brain of it all, we’ve seen at least as many. A film with an old grudge between two powerful gangs, one black, one jewish, we’ve seen one billion times. Lucky number Slevin seems to be no more than that, but keeps surprising the viewer as the movie goes on.

First, this nice casting (Morgan Freeman, Bruce Willis, Lucy Liu, Josh Hartnett, Stanley Tucci, Ben Kingsley) isn’t a cover up for a pale script: eventually, there is something there.

Then, while some action scenes are as the ones we’re used to, the settings, the décor and the shot angles have a proper identity that gives the film a special touch. Special mention to the wallpapers which kept making me smile all along.

I’m not a big Josh Hartnett fan mainly because I must have seen three of his movies tops, and I really didn’t like Pearl Harbor, but it didn’t bug me at any time because there was too much to look around him.

Finally, I had a good time, I wasn’t bored, I didn’t get a headache looking at it. I wasn’t blown away but appreciated the twist. It was clever and simple, which is a fading quality in Hollywood.

To put it in a nutshell, it works and we like that.



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