Inspirational break through

Friends has 238 episodes, you can take it to 10 thousands for the Young and the Restless.

Woody Allen has written fifty-four movies, no less,

JJ Abrams has created more than five TV series amongst which are Lost and Fringe,

And Steven Spielberg has made so much Hit movies I think he tends to binge.

Sometimes, I really wonder where do they get inspiration.

Every time I have to write a post it’s the same affliction.

I could find something to say about spaghetti westerns, I never did, it’s a pity;

But would have to see them again cause they seem far far away in my memory.

I wanted to do something about music in movies because there is so much to say;

Now my problem is actually that there is too much to say.

I envy the eternal Hollywood creativity, its inspiration seems to be endless.

Maybe I just need an agent, everybody has one in the US.



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