Sunday’s Review 18: The Help


Adapting successfully a best-seller that has such an eloquent story is a given and tricky at the same time. Sure the pitch speaks for itself and we’re expecting a hit but the real trick is to make it more than just a novel adaptation. With The Help, Tate Taylor entrusted it to the actors or, shall I say, the actresses.

As a matter of fact, more than four female characters of the film are holding it together and make it a truly good picture. I often say that it doesn’t make just one good thing to have a good pictures; the rest has to stand for this one good thing and there, they do: the filming is good, the photogaphy is nice, the settings are well done.

So, with this handful of good acting, we get a really fine movie. Emma Stone, Jessica Chastain, Bryce Dallas Howard, Olivia Spencer and Viola Davis form a palette of women from the not-yet-freed Mississipi. What’s surprising is that I had to choose, amongst other actresses, witch one were the best. Usually, you have to dig a little to find more than two good characters in a movie. There, the issue is more the struggle of a choice.

I’m not really engaged in any feminist cause but this movie is also made specific by the fact that the men characters are really put aside to let the women rule. That’s how we get the impression of an inside view. We are with the housewives, staying at home and their help. We never step up in the men’s world.

With those two elements (the particularly big number of interesting characters and the fact that they’re all girls), you can get an an idea of what this movie is like and maybe want to see it. I certainly encourage you to.


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