Baby proofed

Being a parent doesn’t really seem to be something you can learn in books,

There are lots to try-outs in movies and TV series, let’s see how it looks.

I’ve seen so much lamas’ classes sitting on my couch, I basically learned everything there.

I would earn the room with Abby and Billie in Accidentally in Purpose and, if I dare,

I’d fit Vin Diesel’s way-to-big-for-me shoes in the Pacifier.

I now know that a nanny has to be a « her »

A male nanny is always trouble, be it in the Rebound or with Friend’s emotional Sandy.

I’ve seen the best stroller in the Back-up Plan but I know it doesn’t make it all easy.

Finally to get a full view of what it’s like to raise a baby I’ve seen Life as we know it,

Arizona Junior, Shoot ‘Em Up, Motherhood and Raising Helen but I’m waiting for the real hit,

The true reference to all parents, that I’ve seen in so many films, counting would be useless,

The What to expect when you’re expecting movie, everybody has the book in the US.



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