Let’s celebrate

Thanksgiving turkey, Halloween Pumpkin, Christmas Candy Cane,

Super bowl super ads, New Year’s ball drop, spring break party chain…

The other day I realized I’ve seen so much US traditions on the little and big screen

That I could probably give you a full Thanksgiving recipe and 5 ways to use a pumpkin.

As we also have in France Christmas, New Years, parties and big games,

The real new discovery is without a doubt Thanksgiving, so that’s what my post will aim.

I spent thanksgiving with a lot of TV characters, for some, several years in a row.

Starting with Friends first season’s reunion and going on years after years untill now.

From what I’ve seen, it’s supposed to be a family reunion and usually calls for family crisis.

It’s a Holiday about seeing the positive side of life and making peace with your nemesis.

But also about loads of stuffing, a big parade which I can’t figure out for what it stands,

And Pilgrims and Indians sharing the same land from California to the New York Islands.

I learned so much from fiction, is it even necessary to get a version with more truthfulness?

Now that you’ve read this last rhyme in “ess”, you surely want “everybody has one in the US”.



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