The big “job in the US” review:

You know it’s hard to stop rhyming when you’ve been doing it for so long.

When I prepared this post, I just made a chronological list, but it felt wrong.

So, I thought about it and suddenly remembered this song.

As promised, here is a large review of all the topics I’ve tackled so far, just sing along:

Weather man, radio broadcaster, Journalist

Clockmaker, Scientist, Genealogist

Waitress, train driver, Salesman, Cleaning lady, hotel staff, Taxi driver

fashion designer, Writer, Restaurant owner, Cinema worker

Lifeguard, Sport coach, Undertaker, Fireman, Doctor

Teacher, Psychotherapist, School director

Chef cook, Dancer, Singer, musician, Professional sportsman

Hairdresser, Wedding planner, Farmer, vet, Mailman

Pharmaceuticals, Broker, Politician, Lawyer

Soldier, Prisoner, Production line worker

Newsies, “Is it true love for green card?” decider, Product testing executive

Private detective, Policeman, Consultant detective 

In a not random order, these are only the different jobs I talked about.

There is more to come so look out:

I’ve been talking about different types like Cool jobs,

quirky jobs, secret jobs, indefinable jobs, and even maybe boring jobs.

I’ve been mentioning different work people like Stupid, annoying colleague or Genius idea people

And Workaholics, Silly, funny people, Super heroes, French people or Power people.

But, you know, work is not just about the job you do,

It’s about lots of things and I talked about them too:

Type of alarm clock, Sick leave, Type of cars,

Coffee, Complimentary food, Job clothes, Computers,

Night shifts, Emergency measures, Insuppressible accessory,

Endless days, Breaks, Christmas parties, Salary

 Job Change, Fired people’s ritual, The one last little thing

Workplace, Work era, Type of environment, Housewifing

I hope you started singing again with this list,

Which almost closes the whole review but we have a finalist.

We have one last question that, I must say, is the perfect ending for our tunes:

How do they earn money in cartoons?

I also promised you a catchphrase after 90 unsuccessful tryouts. So, be ready…

…, you know, I think “I need a catchphrase, everybody has one in the US” is quite catchy!



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