Sunday’s Review 15: Edward Scissorhands



It’s Easter day  today and, go figure why, this day makes me think of Tim Burton’s Edward Scissorhands. This movie has so much to tell that it would be a shame not to listen to its story. Somehow, this scissor-handed boy manages to express a huge tenderness. Both Johnny Depp amazing interpretation and the great designs and photography bring to the film this emotional figure.

On top of it, Tim Burton’s genius mind shows through numbers of brilliant scenes that say a lot with very little. A street with identical houses in various colors, from which identical cars in various colors get out at the same time, gives us right away the atmosphere and lifestyle of the all city. Even the haircuts are meaningful.

It’s something that gives Tim Burton his so special universe. Every single object on his movies is deeply connected to what is going on. Each detail is part of a world, created especially to serve the story. It brings to his work both a kind of craziness and a real dive into the story.

I could tell you about the message of tolerance or about the parallel with the Disney cartoon Dumbo but these are obvious qualities of the movie. What I would like to point out is more the way these aspects are brought to us. If, in twenty years, Edward Scissorhands aged a little bit, it’s techniques in the settings and directing didn’t at all. I think the main reason is that they are part of a truly defined universe so that it can’t be attached to one single period of time. That’s what makes great film-makers.

Now that I declared my love for Tim Burton’s work, here is why Edward Scissorhands is one of my favorites: In this movie, the universe, that Burton created, truly serves the story, not the other way around. I think, at some point, he might have got carried away and put his quirky universe in priority to the story he told. It’s not the case for Edward Scissorhands and that’s why I’d greatly advise you to watch it if it’s not already done.



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