Sunday’s Review 14: Young Adult


Ok. This is the story of a used-to-be prom queen who has Charlize Theron looks and is now really depressed. That’s it. This not original story really disappointed me and, above all, depressed me very much. I don’t think I’ve ever came out of a movie theater this depressed.

I met Jason Reitman, the director, with “Juno”. It was a simple story as well: Just a teen going through a pregnancy. And it worked. It worked thanks to the main character’s quirky personality, the nice soundtrack and the cute way to tell the story. Then there was “Up in the Air” and, once again, a really basic story. Well, there, besides Clooney’s cute little face, there wasn’t much. It sounded a lot like a 1h30 long Nespresso Ad.

I’m being a little harsh right now but I’m kind of angry at the movie. I started off the day in quite a nice mood and, now, all I get from one of my favorite occupation is a really depressing feeling. That’s not very nice. Besides, the trailers misled me and I don’t like that either. I was expecting something funnier where Miss Theron would be really taking her usual self to the opposite; as Brad Pitt and George Clooney did in Coen’s “Burn After Reading”. She is playing finely in the movie and we have no difficulties believing in her character. But the problem is that it’s just it, nothing more. There are no big flaws to point out but just a big lack of qualities to fill the film.

I was hoping this film was the beginning of the return of fine movies in theaters but it looks like I was wrong. Too bad. One good point, though, for the poster above: it’s pretty awesome.



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