A blessing in disguise

Yesterday, I missed the showing of a film and ended up seeing This Means War

It wasn’t a good movie but I found a new idea of a job that doesn’t look bad so far.

In that movie, Reese Witherspoon’s job seems pretty fun,

She has to test everyday life objects, try to break them, even shoot them with a gun,

She looks how good an oven bakes, how fun a game is, how efficiently a blender blends.

She does that all day, just giving a review on witch brand to choose, when the day ends.

I guess she might even have to test pillows, couches, clothes or make-up.

No doubt I would apply for this job if an offer came up!

It has nothing to do with what I learned to do but anyone can choose the nicest mattress.

She could choose, among the previous, my best catchphrase, everybody has one in the US.



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