Sunday’s Review 13: Inception


Sorry to disappoint you if you relied on me to tell you what movie to go see tonight in theaters because once again, I’m not going to pick one showing right now. As a matter of fact, we’re in the dead season concerning new releases. I’m not going to talk to you about this “dead season” phenomenon either, although it’s quite interesting.

No, today, I’m going to use my personal experience to get a chance to talk to you about one of the greatest movie of the decade: Christopher Nolan’s Inception. This morning, I woke up not remembering any dream I would have made sleeping, but 10 minutes later, a surprising one came back to my mind. Not only was he filled with really precise details but it had a dream inside of itself. I precisely remember asking a fellow in my dream to wake me up because the nightmare I was having inside of it was too awful. You can see why I immediately thought of Inception.

This movie struck me has one of the best because, contrary to most movies acclaimed these days, it wasn’t only a technical achievement. The storyline was truly innovative and interesting. It called for a great imagination amongst viewers and, leaving the theater, one had a thousand stories to create launched by Nolan’s idea.

And, as it should be, this great pitch was surrounded with very nice special effects, good acting and beautiful photography. I want to ask: what else? What can we possibly ask, on top of all this? As I couldn’t find an answer, you can add this movie in the list of my very favorites.

If you disagree because the ending bugged you or because you thought of the idea yourself before the movie was released, well, first: you might have had the idea but you didn’t do anything with it, did you? And second: the ending is, I thought, perfectly clear but, if you wish to, we can discuss it for hours and hours without ever having the true answer because we can’t ask the director (and even if we could, he wouldn’t tell). 


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