Merry 99th

Tomorrow will be the hundredth post on this posterous,

Custom dictates that a celebration has to be made or I shall not be called serious.

Paris Geller made a huge point of it for the Yale Daily News on Gilmore Girls,

And TV series and films are filled with anniversary toasts, parties, speeches or rituals.

Of course, I realize that these events are mainly excuses to create a special environment

And, through that, get a way to include in the plot, a new intrigue, twist or torment.

But really, get to the hundredth is a little better than getting to the ninety-ninth,

And a little worse than getting to the hundred-and-oneth.

Anyway, this post is my celebration so, everyone, Joy and light-heartedness!

Maybe now I can say I used to need a catchphrase, everybody has one in the US.



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