The bill please

It’s funny how the English language uses “waiting” in apparently more than one meaning.

You can be waiting for something or you can be a waiter and it’s tables you’re waiting.

But, after all, those two things might not be so apart.

Big Bang theory Penny is waiting at the Cheesecake factory for her acting career to start.

In the movie Waitress, Keri Russell is obviously waiting for her entire life to begin.

Rachel and Joey, waiting at Central Perk, just want money before their real job comes in.

So, if I got it right, being a waiter is suppose to be a before career job,

Something you do to earn money without having to ask it from the mob.

They are saying there is no one having the vocation to be a waitress,

It’s kind of sadder than not having a catchphrase, everybody has a vocation in the US.



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