Power Rangers

Some TV characters are just full of power and seem to control everything.

Whatever their situation, just because they’re very good or evil, they are crowned king.

I’m not even going to mention CIA, FBI, NCIS… bosses. Well, I just did!

But look at Dr Queen, just because she is a medicine woman doing a good deed,

Once she’s settled, everybody listens to her and do whatever she decides.

More recently in Once Upon a time, The Storybrook’s Mayor, her evil witchy powers asides,

Can do pretty much whatever she wants and get away with it, nobody thinking it’s wrong.

Coach Sylvester gets her way whenever she needs to, just because her voice is strong.

And, as for Reverend Campden he could as well be called God, full of gospel truthiness.

With their power they could give me a catchphrase, everybody has one in the US.



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