A white wedding

Lots of movies or TV shows mention arranged wedding for a green card or for insurance,

Grey’s Anatomy’s Teddy married a patient as another way to give his life a chance.

But it’s often about immigration, marrying being a way to get the American nationality,

Be it Phoebe, for a gay friend or A Spanish caring boss getting help from Felicity.

They even made it a theme for movies like The Proposal where a slaved assistant

Agrees to marry his boss so that he may negotiate a job more consistent.

I haven’t seen the movie Green Card with Gerard Depardieu and Andie McDowell

But the idea is pretty much the same: an arranged marriage ending up pretty well.

For those, someone needs to define if they share true love. Here is a job full of wilderness.

Maybe a catchphrase would get me a green card, everybody has one in the US.



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