Sunday’s Review 11: Drive


Usually, every second weekend, I’d pick a movie that just came out to theaters in France. This week, the only English talking film that went out is John Carter, so I decided to spare myself and pick something else. Before I started writing reviews in this blog I saw a quite intriguing film. It was called: Drive.

Intriguing because of what is said about it. People love it or hate it, no conciliation. A movie that leaves such a strong impression, be it good or bad, is worth seeing. Here is what I thought about it.

Drive is a guy movie for girls. A guy movie because it seems to be about cars, guns and violence. A girl’s movie because it’s not really what it is about. Drive is a love story between broken people.

What makes it a good movie is the acting where emotions have to be read and don’t jump to your throat (and I feel girls are more inclined to psychological games than guys). What makes it a good movie is a soulful direction that doesn’t fool us with tech specs. What makes it a good movie is a blockbuster storyline adapted to something close to an art film.

I’m talking about “guy films” in a very cliché way, I’m not saying guys can’t appreciate this movie. Some might criticize a kind of 70’s atmosphere or a search for aestheticism that doesn’t belong here. I understand but will agree to disagree with them. But I will not accept an argument that I often here and that I find just sad: Not appreciating this film because genres are mixed or because it doesn’t belong to any type we know. This blend is actually what makes this movie special and creative. If journalist are disturbed because they don’t now in which column to put it, well too bad, they will just have to come up with a new one.



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