To the Rescue

One of my hobbies is swimming and I considered being a lifeguard to earn a bit of cash

But I had to insure, thanks to films and series, that this idea wasn’t to put in the trash.

Of course, the ultimate reference to this mission is the TV show: Baywatch.

So, I can say I’ll be ok if I can handle a red swimsuit and a lifebuoy that match.

If David Hasselhoff can do it, I can’t see why it would be a problem for me.

Sure, I’m no Yasmine Bleeth or Pamela Anderson but I can play as dummy.

The only other reference I have is the Andrew Davis movie: Coast Guards.

There, it’s no piece of cake. Ashton Kutcher was far from the 70’s show yards.

If I stay close to Malibu and far from Kevin Costner I shall be as able as anyone else.

At least more capable than to find a catchphrase, everybody as one in the US.


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