It been a hard days night

Today is a very bad day for me as none of my computers agreed to work. 

It’s like trying to have an opera with mutes or give a chef a broken fork.

How am I suppose to talk about America if my link to it is out of order?

Spending a day without the thing I absolutely need made me feel, myself, out of order.

It’s as if John McClane didn’t have his guns, as if Blair Waldorf didn’t have her Blackberry, 

As if The Godfather had lost his accent or as if Don Draper didn’t have his glass of whisky.

Nobody would dare to ask them to work in such condition.

And today, I had to work with paper and pen. Just for you, I made an exception.

I hope you’ll measure my dedication to my readers as I am pratically homeless.

You’ll forgive me not getting you a catchphrase, even though everybody has one in the US.



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