Sunday’s Review 10: Titanic


Well, well… Titanic is going back to theater soon, here. A good opportunity to have a look. Something anchored in society as an icon is hard to receive as innocently as the rest. Who can really say if Mona Lisa is beautiful? Titanic was first released in theaters when I was old enough to perceive the huge fuss around it but not quite to go see it. Actually, I first saw it a few month ago.

So,why is it such an icon? It’s simple, it has all an icon need. An historic attachment that will bring an honest emotion to it. A love story that is moving enough to get to the harshest heart. An original setting (a boat), with a variety of characters put together in that unordinary moment. Actors that are fresh and good. And, finally, a capture of images done professionally and beautifully.

Nevertheless, lots of movies got that same elements and never made it to such a success. I give Titanic success to two things: one is fair, the other not so much. I will start with the late one, to avoid ending on a bad note. People, and medias as a result, like a good excitement. And, sometimes, the excitement is more about itself than the original cause. I think it may have happened with Titanic as it has for a lot of movies. Some people gets really ecstatic, the press jumps on it and make it bigger than it should be.

But Titanic also deserved its iconic place in cinema history because of its real creativeness and beauty in the acting, the storytelling as well as in the directing. It’s a genuine good story. As for its new 3D release. The work done on the movie seems truly astonishing and would worth a theater ticket price.


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