The Town Rat and the Country Rat

I often hear people say « I’m a city girl » or « I’m more country than city »,

I looked for the answer for me; do I see myself with a wheelbarrow or calling a taxi?

Am I more of a Rose Narracott from War Horse, knitting while my son ploughs the back field

Or more an Amanda from The Holiday, sleeping with her Blackberry and using her suit as a shield.

From movies and series, here is what can be concluded: If you live in the city your life looks easier,

Carrie Bradshaw doesn’t have to worry that her harvest is going to be destroyed, if it gets sunnier.

But, in the country, problems that you have to face might be less mind-bending,

Caroline Ingalls wouldn’t be fired because of a non-skimmed milked latte or a bad meeting.

As I only want good things, I must mix them up and keep only what grants happiness.

For exemple I would throw away the puzzle of a catchphrase, everybody has one in the US.



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