The return of the newsies

A few weeks ago something draw a huge smile on my face,

I was in the streets and suddenly heard a voice I thought disappeared from earth face.

This same voice is at the center of the movie I saw yesterday and called Newsies.

Newsies were those young boys shouting headlines to sale papers in ancient centuries.

Nowadays, everybody already knows the news of the day because there is an App for that

This guy I heard surely was just nostalgic or wanted to be looked at.

He was handing out the free morning papers so would be payed the same without doing it

Whereas young Christian Bale had to put his soul in his voice to be able to eat.

That’s a bread job from the days of yore and seeing it reborn filled me with fondness.

In those days I wouldn’t have needed a catchphrase but today, everybody has one in the US.




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