Semester feedback

Today, let’s step back a bit and see what I’ve done so far.

For almost six months now, I’ve talked to you in rhymes, here I would use car, star or guitar.

I’ve explored a lot of job possibilities through quite a lot of movies or series,

By the way I can’t count the number of times I used the words “movies” and “series”.

I shared my feelings about coffee, food, cabs, Christmas or America in general.

I looked up doctors, lawyers, teachers, dancers and even an Army General.

Some thought I would have been done by now or hoped I’d drop off my hat.

They’ll be surprised, and maybe appalled, to know that I’m going to keep doing that

As long as I don’t find myself what I’ve been looking for all along. Will you guess?

A catchphrase of course! Everybody has one in the US.




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