They lived happily ever After

I’m a huge fairy tale believer and that’s certainly caused by my love of cartoons.

From Tex Averys to Walt Disneys, even considering Looney Toons,

I never stopped being a child in front of those sketches or films.

But now that I grew up I realize, among other unlikelihoods in the realms,

That many characters in cartoons don’t have anything to earn a living

And seem to be fine with it. As princess Rapunzel, I’d like to spend all day painting,

Baking or reading. But where does her food, paint supplies and books come from?

I guess it’s not her witchy false mother who goes to the factory and bring her salary home.

OK, I might be bringing that up only to show you Tangled trailer, I love cartoon’s quirkiness.

Fairy tales did a good job for their catchphrase, ever after everybody has one in the US.




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