Sunday’s Review 7: The Descendants


The only thing I have heard so far about this movie is what an astonishing performance George Clooney is giving. When I saw it this week, I was quite disturbed. This film has lots of qualities and Clooney’s role is finely interpreted but I always thought he was an excellent actor. From O’brother to Ocean’s Eleven, from One Fine Day to Michael Clayton, From Burn After Reading to the Ides of March, he composed beautifully the parts given to him in very various genres. My point is, saying that The Descendants is the role of a lifetime for George Clooney is belittling the rest of his career which I find just as good.

Now, the movie itself is really worth being seen. First, indeed, for all actors performances, Clooney’s as well as Shailene Woodley’s and Amara Miller’s who play his daughters and all the actors playing the King family as well. But then, the film stands out for its way of dealing with family drama in a true voice. There is no place for excessive good sentiments or, on the contrary, too much cynicism. It’s right in key and in measure. The only black spot to this music might be the rhythm.

I don’t know if this is the Hawaiian atmosphere that gave me this feeling of being off tempo all along but it made my sit in the theater uncomfortable. Then again, it helps sympathize with Matt King (Clooney) which is struggling with so much in the movie that his spot mustn’t be that comfortable either. Anyway, it’s the kind of movie that you know is good because all ingredients are well executed but maybe not the kind that you get out of saying “Wahou, it was awesome!”

To get back to my first point, George Clooney is really fantastic in his role as he had been for long now so, does he deserve an Oscar for his work? Yes, indubitably; Does he deserve it more for this particular role? I don’t know.



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