Let’s Dance

The new TV series Smash is coming up next Monday in USA and it’s partly about dance.

As a lot of girls, I dreamed once to be a professional dancer or at least take a chance.

But seeing all those dance movies, and I’ve seen a lot, I understood that It’d never be.

As a matter of fact, I didn’t had my heart broken or lost my parents tragically,

I haven’t a secretly talented brother or friend that would support me in my plan

and I’m not surrounded with inconsiderate people that would not accept or be a fan.

From Save the last dance to Black Swan, from Honey to Take the lead,

Be it Fame, Dirty dancing 1 or 2, Shall we dance?, Step up and all its lead,

You’ll always find, at least, one of these facts in the plot, if not the film is in wrongfulness.

And I’m also in it without a catchphrase, everybody has one in the US.




2 responses to “Let’s Dance

  1. I think it’s just an awesome movie. The dance moves are just jaw-dropping! I’ve watched it three times already, but still I can’t get enough! I wish I can learn their moves too! =D

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