Have a break, have a Kit Kat

I’m always surprised to see workers in movies go for breaks in the middle of the day.

They just leave the office and go. They’re allowed to, you might say,

And you would be right. But what strikes me is what they do once outside.

If they go in a restaurant, they not even eat a slide,

If they go to a movie they never stay longer than the commercials

And if they go shopping, they enter and leave so fast, they should get medals.

When they meet a friend for coffee, they order, sit, and look at their watch,

“I have to go back” they say, so what was the point of the meeting, what’s the catch?

If it was just for 5 minutes, they’d better read the ad and have a Kit Kat, I guess.

They could give me a break about this catchphrase, I know everybody has one in the US.




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