Give me your job and nobody gets hurt

Especially in cheesy movies, people got some cool jobs that I would really want.

I’d love to write lyrics for a singer as Music & Lyrics’ Hugh Grant

Or to run Kathleen Kelly’s Shop Around the Corner.

Meryl Streep’s role in Julie & Julia is also quite nice: teaching housewives to cook better.

I’d take Amanda Seyfried’s place in Mamma Mia or when she had to write Juliet’s Letters.

Being a book editor was taken to an other level with the Shadow Dancers.

I always wanted to play the cello: August Rush and The Soloist certainly helped.

Finally, Failure to Launch and Hitch showed you can earn money just being a dating adept.

All those are nowhere to be found on vocational training file so I’m full outta luck unless

Looking for a catchphrase can be my job, everybody has one in the US.





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