Sunday’s Review 4: Hudson Hawk



What’s great about having a blog is that you can write about anything. Last week I talked to you about an excellent movie that I didn’t appreciate watching. Let’s do the opposite today and talk about a non appreciated movie that I like very much to watch.

If I want to say “That doughnut-hole-eating, son of a bitch, take it in the ear for a beer, rat bastard ! and then tell you about Leonardo da Vinci, I can. If I want to put in the same article the Pope, some guys with chocolate bars names and robbers that just got out of prison, I can. If I want to be obsessed with cappuccino and use classics like “Stranger in the night” or “Hit the Road Jack” as stopwatches, I can. And I guess this is precisely what did Michael Lehmann when he directed Hudson Hawk. This movie is like a blog. But critics only seem to appreciate websites: they need an editorial line, a rhythm, a conventional reading way. Of course, I won’t deny that websites are usually better designed than blogs.

Bruce Willis nearly lost his career to this movie but I’m sure, if I’d been him, I would have accepted the part as well. We learned to like a kind of movie. The kind that is precisely made for us to like. But isn’t the real challenge to share something highly personal and have people liking it? Is art more this or a conventional assent on beautiful things? Of course, Anne Geddes pieces are nice but isn’t it more interesting to discover Brassaï’s way to picture the world?

Wait, wait, I’m just throwing things at you and you can’t follow if I don’t actually organize my ideas. So here it is: movies as Hudson Hawk are highly underrated. And, to my opinion, it’s because they aren’t seen as they are: personal. Hence my parallel with blogs. It’s something subjective shared with the public. A lot of our personal point of views, ideas or frenzies can be agreed by the great majority, that’s why we appreciate blogs. They give us a non sterilized information. Something that didn’t need to get the approval of an editor in chief.

For those who wouldn’t know Hudson Hawk, it’s starring Bruce Willis and Andy McDowell. The first embodies a burglar who gets caught in an underhand trick just after being released from prison. But the pitch is way more twisted than just that. It’s full of craziness and wildness and I’d recommend it to anyone looking for a nice and easy laugh.



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