My choice: Martin Solveig’s Hello

There is a link between all different jobs both in fiction and reality

And I’m surprised I didn’t talked about it before, when it’s also a curiosity.

To get to work, everybody sets a clock to get up in the morning.

But who’s still using those honking alarm clocks when we can wake up to any ring?

But still, they are used all of the time in movies and series. I know it seems unimportant

But, is it a reflection of USA use of alarm clocks nowadays? That looks kind of aberrant.

So, why is it that the TV and movie universe didn’t get to our new alarm habits?

Of course, characters such as Tony Stark found a special model that fits

But for us, regular people, is it a way to tell us to wake up with an olden days fondness?

And even in that past they had catchphrases, everybody has one in the US.




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