NYPD who?

As a child, one of you might have dreamed to be a policeman,

Saving lives, solving crimes… but I never thought I could be one.

But that was before I discovered the police department was diversifying largely.

TV series taught me that. CSIs and NCIS started it, bringing geeks in their laboratory.

Medium has its medium, Psych has its “psychic”, Mentalist has its mentalist,

Castle has its writer, Numb3rs its mathematician and it’s not the end of the list.

Bones, The Finder, Endgame, today everyone seems to be able to help

Soon they’ll come to school and work with a whelp.

I just hope television doesn’t inspire reality too much, that could lead to a big mess.

Now for my catchphrase, look this proof that everybody has one in the US:




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